Rheanna Kish

Rheanna Kish is senior food specialist in The Canadian Living Test Kitchen.

She is a certified nutritional consultant and a graduate of Stratford Chefs School, and she spent a lifetime cooking in kitchens across the country before landing in The Canadian Living Test Kitchen.

Rheanna's passions and interests include:
• food!
• playing outside with her boys (one big one and one toddler)
• reading great books
• trying to achieve the perfect life balance
• cooking for friends and family

When she's not in the kitchen cooking or baking up a storm, you can find Rheanna off daydreaming somewhere about what to cook or bake next.

Rheanna works closely with Annabelle Waugh, Amanda Barnier, Irene Fong and Jennifer Bartoli of The Test Kitchen, as well as with food editors Tina Anson-Mine and Beverly Renahan, and web food editor Daniela Payne.

Rheanna Kish