Hot dog! Check out Douglas’s crocheted bow tie

Hi friends,

I’m sorry, but you know I can’t resist the easy, cheesy pun. Douglas is the much-loved dachshund of Canadian Living copy editor Lisa Fielding (you’ve met before: remember her crafty organization tips?) and her husband, Dave. These days, Douglas is also the best-dressed dog I know.


Lisa found the directions for the crocheted bow-tie in Craft magazine. After trying an adult-sized version, she made a few changes to the pattern, then made a tie for Douglas. Here’s what she did:

“I altered the pattern to make it dog size, added a separate piece to wrap around the centre, then sewed the whole thing together to slip over his head. ‘Cause I wasn’t sure if he knew how to tie a bow tie.”

Sure, tying a bow tie might be beyond him, and sure, it took both Lisa and Dave to wrangle him into sitting up for this photo session. But he’s also the fastest wiener dog in southwestern Ontario…so I’m willing to cut him a little slack. I mean, seriously. Just look at him.


Thank you for sharing with us, Lisa!

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