Question: Is there room for craft in your decor?

Hi friends,

I’m sure that all crafters have faced this dilemma at one point or another: how much room is there for your crafts in your home decor?

I’ve got a big blank wall in my apartment and I need to do something with it. I’d like to make something to fill the space, but I’m having a hard time narrowing down the options. Here are the challenges:

  • I live in a studio apartment, so whatever goes on that wall needs to look OK for bedroom, living room, studio and dining room;
  • it’s a big wall (about 8″ by 12″), so I need something with “presence” that’s also affordable;
  • the wall is opposite a window, so I need something that either won’t fade or will look fine if it does, or something that will be easy and (and cheap!) to replace.

My first thought was to hang a quilt on the wall, but after the hours of piecing and quilting, I’d be upset if the fabric faded. My second thought was to do a needlepoint, but considering that cost is a factor (and that I’ve already waited a year and a half), something like those wonderful Charley Harper tapestries is out of the question.

So right now it’s down to these ideas:

  • Stretch some of my favourite fabrics in embroidery hoops, like this, and hang them up.
  • Make large prints of some of my favourite photos and hang them up (but I’d prefer something craftier).
  • Try this idea, passed along to me by Lisa Fielding*. She sent me an email on the weekend and said: “I was just in a knitting shop in Burlington [Spun Fibre Arts] and noticed this on the wall – they’ve framed a bunch of swatches in complementary colours. Thought it was a neat idea.”


I like it, and I have to say that the swatches are in the lead right now. What do you think?

*Remember the picture of Lisa’s dog, Douglas, in that handsome bow-tie? If you have a haut dog, too, you might want to check out Lisa’s Etsy shop, Longfellow’s, where you can buy a handmade bowtie for the special canine in your life!

PS I still haven’t heard from Carla, who won last week’s giveaway. If you’re out there, Carla, check your inbox (and maybe junk mail folder?) for an email from me. Or just drop me a line to claim your prize.