Hi friends,

I’m running to keep up today, so I’ve just got a few quick links for you (and high hopes for tomorrow)…

  • If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon (and a great Christmas idea, to boot), you’ll appreciate this link for marble magnets at Not Martha, sent in by Make+Do reader Maureen. Thanks, Maureen!
  • If you’re going to make the Mulled Wine Mitts from the December issue, you might want to check out the (slightly revised and hopefully clearer) instructions, now available here. You might also want to read this mitt-related blog post, here.
  • If you’re looking for general knitting help, I’d like to recommend knittinghelp.com. I used it last night and taught myself the long-tail cast on in about 3 minutes…their videos are that good!
  • How cute is this Lego+paper=craft idea from Muji?
  • Look! Free, downloadable templates for mini 2010 calendars at Shutter Sisters. They’re Photoshop files…so remember that if you don’t have Photoshop, you can download a free trial version of the program from the Adobe website. Sweet.

That’s all for now. Tomorrow I’ll be back with the cutest baby booties this side of anywhere. Seriously, prepare to clutch your heart and ooh and aah….they’re that cute. Have a good night, folks!