To-Do Lists and Weekend Inspiration

Hi friends,

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t totally stoked that the weekend is just hours away. We’ve been working hard this week, and last night I was shocked to realize that it’s already the middle of May! What?! How did that happen?


Oh well. I’ve got a fun new scarf, the leaves are out in full force, and if I play my cards right, maybe I’ll get to the farmer’s market early enough tomorrow to score a branch of lilac for my kitchen table. (Or peonies. Is it too early to be wishing for peonies?)

Aside from venturing down to the market, I’ve got a crafty to-do list that is a MILE long. There are stacks of fabric and pyramids of yarn lurking on every available surface in my apartment, and the whisper of my works-in-progress is rising to an all-out clamour. Yikes!

Here’s what I’m hoping to do this weekend:

  • Catch up on my blocks for the Maple Leaf Bee. I’m two months behind (oh dear!). I’m going to tackle a scrappy spiderweb block and one of these pinwheels (made with awesome vintage sheets, no less)
  • I will cast on for my Tea Leaves sweater if it kills me. As soon as I buy a(nother) new knitting needle. (Where do they go?)
  • I need to turn a whole whackload of skeins into yarn balls. Hm…swift and ball winder? It might be time to make the investment.
  • Back up my computer. (I know, the glamour and the glory, huh?)
  • I’d love to start working on this new shirt.
  • Speaking of new shirts….look, ruffles!
  • Considering what’s already on the list, I’ll be actively trying to resist thinking about this hourglass sweater! Although I do already own the book with the pattern in it…

Oh, and then there’s the small matter of sewing some samples for the magazine and writing an article that’s long overdue. And, I don’t know, maybe finding time to eat or sleep or (gulp) do some laundry? In that case, I’d probably do well to keep this fabulous Public Service Announcement in mind.

What are you up to this weekend?