Weekends Are for Sock-Knitting (and maybe a knit-along)

Hi friends,

Phew! We just finished the last few pages of the December issue and I finally have a chance to come up for some air (and do a bit of blogging). The November issue hit newsstands on Tuesday, and with it a project we’ve had simmering away for quite some time: a pattern for Weekend Socks by Glenna C.


Knitting socks is super-rewarding but can also be intimidating. The Weekend Socks pattern is written for a novice sock knitter – someone with a bit of knitting experience (a scarf, maybe, or a hat) who’s ready for a new challenge. In addition to the simple step-by-step pattern you’ll find in the magazine and online, Glenna also provided a step-by-step photo tutorial, so you’ll have some visual guidance as  you navigate things like heel-turning and gusset-making.


In addition, I can assure you that this pattern was (successfully) test-knit by four knitters of varying knitting experience. You might remember our little knitting field trip to the Purple Purl back in May – well, it wasn’t all lattes and cookies. We were making socks!


The pattern uses worsted weight yarn and larger needles, which means fewer stitches and faster results. That’s right – these socks aren’t just for wearing on the weekend, it’s also possible that you could finish them in a weekend. (OK, so it’d have to be a weekend where you didn’t do much other than knit – at least, if you knit as “fast” as I knit – but you could do it!)


Hey, I just had an idea! Would any of you be interested in participating in a Weekend Sock knit-along?  Leave a note in the comments if you’re up for it!