Top 10 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Ornaments

So, is everything crossed off your list?  All the presents wrapped and under the tree?  Cookies baked?  Craft projects all sewn up?

Yeah, me neither.

But sometimes all you need is a little inspiration and a couple of free minutes to pull off an eleventh-hour creative coup. So dig out your craft supplies, put on “It’s a Wonderful Life” and whip together one of the following adorable ornaments.  Most call for things you already have in your cupboards, and a lot don’t require a serious time commitment.

  1. ice cream cone ornaments from Balkan Style
  2. acorn pinecone ornaments from Angry Chicken
  3. recycled ribbon spool ornaments from Two Little Chickadees
  4. felt bacon ornaments from Seremeres
  5. texting ornaments from Home Workshop
  6. crayon ornaments from Twelve Crafts Till Christmas
  7. paint chip ornaments from Elsie Marley
  8. faux stained glass poinsettia ornaments from The Crafty Crow
  9. half-eaten gingerbread ornament from Elsie Marley
  10. cupcake ornaments from Bake It Pretty

Bonus: in case you have 8 to 12 hours to wait, try the borax crystal ornaments from The Crafts Department.  They’re totally cool, especially if you have budding scientists in your house.

Have a happy holiday, friends.  I wish you a new year filled with light, love and happy crafting.


Photo by Darren Robertson