National Sweater Day

I’ve got a new holiday to look forward to this year. Forget Valentine’s Day, with the over-hyped (over-priced) boxes of chocolates, and Family Day, which I’ll probably spend cleaning out my fridge and doing other necessary-but-not-fun tasks. Nope, I’m saving my excitement for February 17 – National Sweater Day.


National Sweater Day is an initiative of the World Wildlife Federation. They’re encouraging everyone to turn down the heat (by just 3 degrees) and put on a sweater. You can find out more – including details on the awesome prizes! – at their website. They even suggest having a sweater party. (Who said ugly sweater parties are only for Christmas time, anyway?)


Of course, this appeals to me because it’ll give me a chance to show off one of my handknit sweaters. (Will I finish the striped wonder in time?!)

Have a great weekend.