Guest Post: Jeromina Juan’s Carrot Easter Basket

Hi friends,

Today I’m happy to welcome back guest poster Jeromina Juan. Her Valentine vases and Leprechaun hats were both a big hit, and I think you’re going to love these super cute (and unbelievably easy) carrot Easter baskets. Take it away, Jeromina!

Carrot Easter Basket


If you are hunting for hip Easter baskets and have hopped into your local dollar store, you may want to give the hardware aisle some extra consideration. Most dollar stores carry small orange pylons which are perfect for making this fantastically fast carrot Easter basket craft. Three simple steps leave you with plenty of time to focus on the planning of your egg hunt.


You Need:

-a small orange pylon (9″ high is sufficient)

-brown acrylic paint

-a wooden coffee stirrer (or popsicle stick or thin paint brush)

-5/8″-wide green ribbon


To Make:

1. Dip coffee stirrer (or popsicle stick) in paint. Press the edge of the stirrer on the pylon to make random horizontal markings. Let dry. You may use a thin paint brush, though it would require a much sturdier hand to make straight marks.

2. Cut four lengths of ribbon, approximately 2 feet each. Thread one length of ribbon through one of the pylon’s screw holes. Repeat on all sides.

3. Gather your ribbon above the centre of the pylon’s opening, making sure to leave a little bit of slack. Tie into a knot.

Enjoy the egg hunt and have a wonderful Easter holiday!

Jeromina Juan is crazy about containers. She authors Paper, Plate, and Plane, where she shares plenty of original DIY packaging ideas and many more creative crafts.