This Quilt May Be My Last

I’m going to come right out and admit it: I don’t understand quilting. Last fall, as I waited for my baby to arrive, I cobbled together my first quilt, using a kit my mother-in-law had given me. She had bought the batting and even cut all the pieces, so all I had to do was stitch it together.


Perhaps my first mistake was attempting to sew all the squares together by hand. A month had gone by and I’d only managed four seams. (And I kept jabbing myself with the supersharp little needle.) So I enlisted Austen to help me finish it up before baby Archie actually arrived. With her ironing tips (press, don’t pull!) and sewing tricks (no need to snip threads – just slap down another block and keep sewing!) and my trusty machine, I zipped the blocks together as quickly as I could.

While I love to sew, the time commitment for such a big project isn’t really up my alley, and the finicky measuring and cutting are just not skills I have in my repertoire. I must say that finally finishing the quilt was rather satisfying (and Archie showed his appreciation by giving it the ol’ spit-up christening), but I’m not sure I would want to do it all over again.


So my question is: What’s to love about quilting? It’s got to be popular for a reason, and I do love some of the neat designs, so I don’t want to rule it out entirely (just yet). I’d love to hear your thoughts.

On a not-really-related note: Last week I reviewed the new Oliver & S Little Things to Sew book, and asked for other children’s patterns you’ve used. Reader JillianStagg suggested this simple 10-Minute Trousers tutorial – can’t wait to try it out!