Socks Appeal

Hi friends,

Oh my God: I get it. Last night, the penny dropped. I understand why people knit socks. Or, at least, I understand that I just became a sock-knitter.


Last night I cast off the second of that bright pink pair, sewed in the single end, pulled them on, and looked down. I can’t remember the last time I was this satisfied with something I’d knit.

Think about it: a quick knit, a great colour, and they’re instantly wearable. And unlike sweaters or shawls, I wear socks every day. I’m an unabashed product knitter, and I believe that while making something beautiful is important, making something useful is equally so. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to come around.


I used the Family Socks pattern by Hannah Fettig, in Regia Random Stripe, knitted toe-up and magic loop on 2.25 mm Addi Turbo circular needles. The tiny bit of process knitter in me got a big kick out of learning two new techniques on this go-round. I love the short-row heel and toe, and now that I’ve learned magic loop, I’ll probably never go back to DPNs. Life is so much easier without having needle-management issues.


In the past, I’ve considered socks to be the Rodney Dangerfield of knitting. But these socks became the background to my days – there with me on my morning commute, in line and in waiting rooms, on trains and buses. I used to consider that time to be lost time, but with a pair of socks-in-progress in hand, it becomes productive time; and with a pair of finished socks on my feet, it becomes time well spent. Time I can remember with a smile. (And if you’re a commuter, you know that remembering your commute at all, let alone in a positive light, can be a bit of a stretch.)


So – you guessed it – I’m starting a second pair. This time in aquas, blues and purples – and just for kicks, I’m working top down. After this pair, maybe I’ll branch out and try some fancy socks. Here’s my current shortlist:

Do you have a favourite sock pattern I should try? And do you have a favourite stretchy bindoff? I did the old “use a bigger needle for binding off” trick, but I could do with a bit more stretch. Tips would be most appreciated!