Quick Craft: Frame Stuff

Nothing offers more instant gratification than a craft you can pull together in five minutes. So here it is: Get a frame, put something in it, and hang it up. (Okay, I realize I may be stretching the definition of “crafting” here, but in my mind any kind of creating counts.)

I couldn’t decide on just a couple of photos to hang in my son’s room, so I framed a collage of pictures, animal-themed fabric and baby shower cards, and I swap them out with new objects every once in a while. Another great idea, which I came across in a local yarn shop, is to frame knitting swatches. I love how the textures and colours contrast with the white mat (and all those stitches don’t go to waste).


Got more than five minutes? Here are some other neat things you can do with frames. As always, I’d love to hear your ideas. Happy creating!