5 relaxing craft links

This week is all kinds of crazy around the office. Everyone (including me) is flying around, nailing the items on their to-do lists. Photo shoot planning? Check. February story editing? Check. Recipe developing? Check.

I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone spend some quality time with my appliqué in the evenings. There it sits, waiting for me to come back.


I'll just wait patiently for you, it says.

So instead of showing you all the things I haven’t made this week, here are five crafts designed to help you relax and enjoy. Provided your to-do list doesn’t look like mine.

5 Relaxation-Focused Crafts

  1. DIY vintage-glass candle from Meg’s Musings.
  2. Lavender eye pillow from Make It Do.
  3. Homemade scented bath salts from TipNut.
  4. Granny square slippers from The Purl Bee.
  5. Marimekko yoga mat bag from Marimekko Blog.

Remember to breathe deeply. Wishing you a relaxing week!