Halloween kids’ craft: mini ghosts

My little guy will be too young to remember his first Halloween, but I’m pretty excited to make his first Halloween costume. (It’s top secret till the big day, but I’ll post a pic next week!) I’ve been thinking about how much fun holidays will be once he’s old enough to participate. In a few years, I can’t wait to make mini-ghosts with him – they were one of my favourite things to make when I as a kid. I loved taping them across door frames so that everyone had to duck as if they were in a haunted house. ghosts

I’m pretty sure this is one of those staple Halloween crafts that kids make at school, but just in case, here’s what you need.

  • Tissues
  • Cotton balls (interestingly, the ones I bought were 100 per cent nylon) or bits of stuffing
  • White thread
  • A fine black marker

The instructions are pretty simple. Place a cotton ball in the centre of a tissue, and wrap the tissue around it to create the head. Take a long piece of thread and tie it around the “neck” of the ghost, making a couple of knots and leaving one end long for hanging. Draw on a superscary (or supercute!) face, taking care not to press too hard with the marker or the tissue will tear.

If you want to be earth friendly and make something that will last till next Halloween, construct your ghosts out of cloth. Use pinking shears to cut a square of fabric the same size as a tissue (about 8 inches/20 cm square). You could use plain white, or go a little crazy with a patterned fabric. If your kids are a bit older, they can embroider the facial features on instead of drawing them.

I can’t decide: Is this gingham ghost scary, cute, or just plain weird?


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