Christmas is coming: Advent calendar roundup

Hi friends,

December’s just a week away – do you know where your Advent calendar is? I unpacked mine on the weekend. No, I don’t have kids, and no, I know that the saying isn’t “A chocolate a day keeps the doctor away,” but still. There’s something about seeing those little brown paper stockings hung up with care (and filled with candy) that helps me get in the holiday spirit.

Photography by Ryan Brook for Canadian Living Magazine

Photography by Ryan Brook/Transcontinental Interactive, for Canadian Living Magazine

Whether you’re looking to create something quick and easy, like the cute Christmas elves (above) from our December issue,  or to make a future family heirloom, I’ve rounded up some great ideas for Advent calendars. Here you go!

  • Cute scrapbooking supplies come together for this whimsical tiny tins calendar to fill with treats.
  • Speaking of cute, pull out those old baby socks to make this stocking calendar.
  • A roll of parchment paper, a spool of red thread, and a handful of prizes go into this straightforward (and stylish) hanging pocket calendar.
  • Quick printables, two dozen paper clips and a box of small manilla envelopes are all you need for this bible story Advent calendar. I like any project that involves a trip to the office supply store.
  • This activity-oriented wooden spool Advent calendar is cute and I love the idea of using it as a tree garland. Crafty!

Have you got a great Advent calendar idea to share? I’d love to read about it in the comments!