Crafty resolution: Make a date with myself

That’s it: 2012 is the year of Getting Things Done. While I’d love to apply that theme to all areas of life (laundry would be a good start), I’m focusing on my craft room. Making things is what I love to do, so why do I find myself daydreaming on the subway about french seams – but never sitting down at the sewing machine?

The best way to Get Things Done is to make a plan of action, so here it is. And now that it’s in writing (and on the Internet, so it must be true), I’ll have to stick to it!

  • Schedule it. I’m taking a cue from the experts and scheduling a weekly date with my fabric scissors. I have designated one hour every Sunday at 1 p.m. as Craft Time. I’ve plugged it into my iPhone and written it on the fridge calendar for the whole family to see. My hope is that one hour will become two or three or more, but it’s a start.


  • Organize it. I’ve accumulated a stack of fabric – most of it already washed, even! – that I bought over the past few years with projects in mind. On my first few craft dates, I’m going to reorganize my space, toss or donate what I don’t need, and save only those items I have a specific purpose for. Then to kick things off, I’m crossing another to-do off my list, and making an inspiration board.
  • Deal with it. That means finishing things before starting something new. (I must confess…. I didn’t get far with my online sewing course). Making things to put these cute labels on. Entering contests so that I have concrete deadlines. Creating things for people (my husband asked last night if I could craft him some ukelele tags…I have no idea what they are, but it’s worth a try). Learning new skills if necessary (I will master the art of macrame in 2012!).

And that’s it. Easy peasy, right? I know resolutions are usually made to be broken, but I’m going to put my best walking foot forward. Here’s to a craftacular year!