One yard, one teeny-tiny top?

As part of my New Year’s resolution to craft more, last weekend I sorted my pile o’ fabric. I found all kinds of gorgeous cotton prints (including some from Amy Butler’s lovely Lark collection) that I’d stashed away to make tops with a simple, foolproof pattern I made years ago. I was excited by all the new wardrobe possibilities…that is, until I realized that I’d only bought one yard of each one.

I might have been able to eke out some sleeveless shirts from such small pieces, if they weren’t all patterned fabrics that needed to be matched (or perhaps I’ve been doing it wrong?). So my dilemma is this: Buy more fabric or find tiny things to make. Since my other New Year’s resolution is to save money, it’s (sadly) the latter for me.


If I want to have coins to put in this purse, I'd better stop buying fabric....

One-Yard Wonders is a great book with lots of cute projects (it makes a nice gift, too, with a few yards to accompany it). Here are some online tutorials for other small wonders you can create with one measly yard of fabric. Some I’ve made before (such as this snap coin purse), and some I’ve yet to try. I’m certainly interested to hear your suggestions!