Eye-catching Valentine’s Day crafts to start now

I go back and forth on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it gets me down, but other times I’m just happy to have an excuse to inject a bit of colour and fun into the dreariest part of the year.

Photography, Ryan Brook

Photography, Ryan Brook

It’s been grey and soggy here all week, so to cheer myself up I’ve been eating Hershey’s kisses and checking out Valentine’s Day crafts.

Other things that have caught my eye this week:

  • This sweater, with its stripes and shawl collar, would be perfect for Saturday brunch, don’t you think?
  • These business cards, filled with confetti, made me laugh. I’d love to have something similar…but filled with googly eyes!
  • Twitter. I’ve succumbed. If you want to read random crafty tweets (and the occasional bit of silliness), you can follow me @AustenGilliland.

Don’t forget that the Bernat giveaway is still on. You can enter until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday. Good luck!

Have a great weekend, friends.