Custom-made softies from children’s drawings

In my travels around the internet the other day, I came across one of the coolest craft ideas I’ve seen in a while. Wendy Tsao in Vancouver runs Child’s Own Studio, a custom shop that creates soft toys from children’s drawings.

Parents send in a drawing like this (notice that “Mom” is the name emblazoned on this creature, and she’s holding a laptop!):

All photos, courtesy of Wendy Tsao, Child’s Own Studio Flickr photostream

…and Wendy uses some funky fabric, some fancy stitiching and tons of creativity to turn that drawing into this:

She’s made “a few hundred” of these soft toys for many a happy child who gets to see his or her 2-D creation come to life in 3-D. Check out her gallery of finished projects here.

There was another one that really made me smile – and reminded me of Monsters Inc. (one of my very favourite movies). It was this sparsely illustrated dragon:

…who Wendy turned into this fantastic multicoloured softie:

Fortunately for Wendy, business has been brisk. Unfortunately for us, she’s not taking any new orders at the moment, and is working through her waiting list.  I think everyone here can sympathize with that – I’m not the only one with a years-long backlog of projects in her craft room, right? Ahem.

But it got me thinking. This would be a great craft project if you have kids and some decent sewing skills. What do you think? Would you try making something like this?