Easy-peasy lavender eye pillow

The lavender in my garden is almost ready to burst into fragrant bloom. I know it’s not everyone’s favourite scent, but it’s one of those old-fashioned perfumes – like lily-of-the-valley – that I adore.

Every year, I dry as much lavender as I can. Buying dried lavender in craft or home stores is quite expensive, and it couldn’t be easier to grow the plants home. A well-drained sunny spot, a little lime in the spring and a ruthless prune of the dead wood in the fall, and you’ll have an endless supply of blooms. You can even use them in cookies if you’re so inclined (and growing organically).

One of my favourite ways to relax is by tossing a lavender eye pillow over my tired peepers and catching a catnap. Here’s a quick and simple way to make one for yourself

Easy-Peasy Lavender Eye Pillow

1. Cut 2 rectangular pieces of quilting cotton or other tightly woven fabric (silk is especially nice if you have it). You can piece together one or both sides if you have smaller scraps (I did). The size of the rectangles is up to you.  My finished rectangles were about 12 inches by 4 inches.

2. Place RIGHT sides of rectangles together; pin and sew around three sides. I used a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Turn right side out, gently pushing out corners with a knitting needle or the end of a wooden spoon.

3. Combine dried lavender flowers with small dried beans, flaxseeds or pearled barley. I used pearled barley because it has a nice, round shape that’s easy to mould around your features. Stir until well mixed.

4. Insert funnel into open end of pillow. Pour in lavender mixture until about three-quarters full. Don’t overfill – the pillow needs to have open space inside so it will mould to your face.

5. Fold open edge under 3/8 inch all around. Pin front and back together to close open end and enclose raw edge. Whip-stitch or blind-stitch end closed.

6. Sit back and relax. Make sure you hide your eye pillow so your husband (or kid or roommate) doesn’t steal it!