Colour obsession: Cloud grey

There’s a point every August when the weather clicks over from summer to fall. It’s subtle, but there’s a distinct moment when I realize that the sun is setting earlier, the midday heat seems a little weaker, and the nights are cooler and better for sleeping.

And this summer, the clouds and rain have returned after a far-too-long hiatus.


Suddenly I’m in the mood for all things grey. I find myself searching for inspiration in the colour of rain-filled clouds streaked with white, charcoal and maybe just a hint of blue.

First, a stop at Etsy:


Then a stop at Craftgawker:


Then it dawns on me: That’s exactly the colour of the sweater I’ve been (slowly, very slowly) knitting this summer:


Turns out inspiration was in my craft bag all along. What colours are inspiring you this time of year?