Summer stitch-along: Week 12 (+ weekend reading)

Welcome to week twelve of the Easy-Breezy Summer Stitch-Along. A simple craft project can be the perfect accompaniment to a summer road trip, an afternoon in the bleachers at a soccer game, or a relaxing few hours under your favourite tree. This is a low-key stitch-along with a focus on fun, not stressful deadlines!

The summer stitch-along is rapidly drawing to a close. Thanks to everyone for their input on what we should do for a fall stitch-along – at this point, I think that crochet is winning. This could be the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill! If you have a project you think we should tackle, please leave a note in the comments.

Last week’s cottage knitting efforts were epic. In between a lot of this:

(three cheers for time on the dock!), plus frog-hunting and baby tickling and bon-fire-watching, there was lots of time for knitting. I finished my Buttercup:

and I love it. So comfortable, so flattering, and when I wore it to work, not a single person asked if I’d made it myself. That’s always a good sign, in my mind!

I also made great progress on my Colour Affection shawl. I am loving this easy knit – the colour changes keep it interesting, but the plain knitting means it’s a perfect project for travel.

It’s soft and squishy and I can’t wait till it’s finished. In fact, I’m already planning a second. Don’t you think that one in three shades of grey would be pretty?

Next week is the last week of the summer stitch-along! I’d love to do a round-up post featuring photos of the projects you’ve been working on, so if you have one (or more!) to share, I hope you’ll upload them in the comments. Thank you!

And a few links I thought were worth sharing today:

Have a great weekend!