Stitched iPhone case

Here’s a new project that I’m pretty excited about: stitching a cover for my phone.

Although there are TONS of options for craft-themed iPhone cases out there (sewing, knitting, drawing, for a start), I wanted something that would actually require crafting. Enter the Leese Design cross-stitch case. Bingo!

I ordered mine online from Purl Soho and it arrived late last week. The case comes with three colours of floss, an embroidery needle, and a booklet with some pattern ideas and some pretty hilarious translations. “Creative on your style!” says the box. Fair enough.

As you can see here, the back of the case looks “woven,” just like a piece of linen that you might use for a hand-stitching project. I thought it was just going to be plastic with pre-punched holes; I like this look much better.

The Purl Soho blog, Purl Bee, offers several suggestions for ways to personalize your case using cross stitch or needlepoint. I’ve also considered poking around the internet to see if I could find a pattern for a monogram. I’ve got to be careful though – it’d be too easy to lose myself down the rabbit hole of cross-stitch patterns for sale on Etsy. Yikes!

Oh well – at least I’ve got my colours sorted.

I’m looking forward to getting “creative on my style” with this later this week. In the meantime, do you have a favourite resource for cross-stitch patterns online? I’d love to know about it!