Calm cowl crochet-along: Week 3

Hello, crocheters, and happy Friday!

In the past week, I’ve crocheted on buses, subways and airplanes; in waiting rooms, lunch rooms and even (fancy!) in Central Park. I’m finally making some headway.

I’m definitely more a tortoise than a hare when it comes to crochet, but I’m pleased with my progress so far. I’m hoping to start the second ball of wool tonight – that’s going to feel like a major milestone.

Speaking of milestones, I’ve got a photo of what I think is the first FO of this crochet along. Congrats to DonnaMH, who posted this photo on last week’s post. I’m in awe of her speed!

Donna said that she improvised a little by doing a row of double crochet every 6 rows – I think that’s a great way to add a bit more excitement to the pattern. Are you planning on making any changes or additions?

If you’ve got a photo to share, it’d be great to see it in the comments on today’s post. It’s easy to add one: just look for the “+Image” button just below the bottom left corner of the comment box. For example:

It’s over here ——–^ Can you see it?

Just click on that and then follow the prompts to upload a photo from your computer. Easy-peasy!

Oh, and we had a question in the comments last week that I couldn’t answer. I’m hoping that one of you might be able to help. Here it is…

I have to admit that I’ve got a bit of a spiral happening too, but have been just ignoring it. (Eek!) Do you have any advice? I’ll be watching the comments keenly for this.

I wish you happy stitching and an enjoyable weekend ahead. My neighbourhood is hosting a fall fair and apple-pie baking contest tomorrow and I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the day (and eat some pie, I hope!). See you next week.