10 questions for…Glenna C

Our November issue will be appearing on newsstands across the country today. The unofficial theme for the crafts section in November was “wool” – wool felt, wool washes and my favourite wool yarn. We also featured a fabulous knitting pattern, created especially for us by Glenna C.

Isn’t it awesome? It looks even better in real life.

We first met Glenna in an interview in 2009. Since then, she’s been busy writing, designing and (of course) knitting. I thought it would be nice to catch up with her again. This time, we did a lightning round – 10 quick questions, some about crafts, some not.

Glenna C – knitter extraordinaire!

The pattern at the top of my to-make list right now is: A Lakeshore shawl, for me, since the original is now spending time in local shops as a display sample. Also, a simple pair of wrist warmers for fall!

Lakeshore Shawl, photo courtesy Glenna C

I love to knit with: Anything wool. I’m just finishing a sweater in Cascade 220 Heathers which is one of my favourite “regular” yarns – great yardage and still feels a bit soft even though it’s wooly, and you can make anything with it since it’s a nice versatile worsted weight.

My “desert island” knitting book is: Anything by Elizabeth Zimmermann. She wrote so well about knitting and was both practical and humorous about it. Also, her “first principles” approach to things mean you can knit just about anything from her books, starting from your own math.

When I’m not knitting (or thinking about knitting), I’m probably: Doing yoga, or playing with my camera.

My favourite thing to watch or listen to while knitting is: Currently it’s a tie between Castle and Downton Abbey. I love television dramas with wit!

What knitwear would Lady Sybil wear?

The highlight of my knitting calendar is: Rhinebeck, aka the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, which happens every October! It is my annual knitter vacation and I can’t wait to see knitting friends and take in the fall fair atmosphere, and generally have a good time.

I also enjoy: Reading (my fall classic read is Middlemarch, and would like to re-read Jasper Fforde‘s Eyre Affair series), and baking. Cupcakes, tea, and a novel, anyone?

My real-life superhero power is: Finding coins on the street. There was a week last month I found a couple of dimes every time I went out. I always pick them up when I find them, too, you never know when that extra nickel or dime will come in handy!

Ravine pullover, photo Janel Laidman

On the needles right now I have: A Ravine pullover for me, and a new cabled sweater design that is almost off the needles. And a pair of socks, and a colour-work hat. And probably more by the time the week is over!

My best advice for new knitters is: Knit with yarn you like, for projects you like. If you enjoy the materials you’re more likely to finish it and feel good about moving on to something new!

Thanks, Glenna.

If you haven’t got your November issue yet, keep an eye on your mailbox. It’s a good one!