Add sparkle to the new year

I love any occasion when it’s appropriate to wear a costume – and New Year’s Eve is no exception. Even if you’re not going anywhere more exotic than your couch, you can add some glamour to the night’s festivities with a homemade fascinator (Kate usually sports hers with a designer dress, but I think pajamas also would go quite nicely).

I had a fascinator-making party with some friends recently, and it was amazing to see what everyone created with just a few craft-supply scraps and plenty of hot glue.

Tammy’s queenly creation

Here’s what you need to make your own:

  • Thin headband, hair comb or hair clip
  • Small piece of light cardboard or heavy felt
  • Scissors, glue gun
  • Decorations, such as:
    • ribbon, fabric, tulle
    • buttons, beads
    • pipe cleaners
    • feathers
    • faux birds, butterflies, flowers
    • sequins, glitter

    I just raided my scrap box for anything sparkly

The how-to is pretty simple:

  1. Cut cardboard into desired shape (a small oval works well). Cover it in fabric or glitter if you prefer, then hot glue it to the headband in the spot you’d like your decoration to be. It helps to look in a mirror first to determine the position. If your hair comb or clip already has a place to add decoration, you can skip this step.
  2. Then get creative! Add bits and pieces, building your fascinator up and out. One tip: Try it on as you go along. It may not look large on the table, but you might find it hard to hold up on your head.

(Or you may not fit through a door.)

If you need some inspiration, check out these tutorials and images. And if you’ve made one, post your own fascinator pic in the comments – we’d love to see it!