Feature craft: Kid’s bedroom ideas

Buying decor for your kid’s bedroom can be pricey — and if they’re really  little, they’ll also quickly outgrow your zoo animal wallpaper or teddy bear mobile.

D.I.Y. is a fun way to personalize your little one’s bedroom and it gives you the option to customize the design exactly the way you like it  without investing a ton of time or money.

Looking for some suggestions? Meghan, a Toronto mother of a two-year-old girl, took matters into her own hands.

Feature Craft: Homemade kite wall decor


1. Buy a selection of fun patterned or coloured papers and some ribbon. (Meghan got hers at The Paper Place.)

2. Wrap the paper around tomato stakes and tape it all together with a clear tape.

3. Create as many as you like and mix and match the colours and patterns.

4. Hang on the wall, and voila! These playful kites brighten up a white wall but require no commitment.

Here’s another close-up shot:

What are some of the crafts you’ve done to spruce up your child’s room?