Feature craft: Make your own shadow box

I love shadow boxes for displaying memorabilia of all sorts. From postcards to jewellery, it’s a tasteful way to showcase something delicate in a contained way. Jill Buchner, our associate editor here at Canadian Living, took some coral and made a sophisticated tropical oasis out of her living space.

Here’s how she did it:

1. Select a shadow box wide enough to fit your chosen object. (Fit the shadow box with a hanger on the back if necessary.)

2. Pick a mat to fit the frame. (Cut to fit if necessary.)

3. Put the mat in the shadow box. Centre your object in the mat. Back with a thick piece of paper and put the back on the frame. (The coral Jill used just happened to be the perfect width so the shadow box held it in place, but if that’s not the case, you’ll need to glue the object to the backing paper.)

coral shadow box

4. Hang it up and let it breathe some new life into your decor!
shadow box hanging
shadow box bathroom
Some other options for shadowboxes? Attach a white shell to a black backing paper to incorporate black & white decor. Share your favourite shadow box crafts!