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Guest post: Natasha Singh is a recent graduate of Ryerson University‘s journalism program. She spends her free time with her amazing family and friends, playing with the best dog ever (Charlie) and blogging about beauty. She has interned at Canadian Living in both the health and web departments.

Does anyone else remember those friendship bracelets from grade eight? I sure remember failing significantly at several aspects of them, such as the beginning, the middle and the end (if I ever got there).

If you’re like me, knotting instructions that sound like “make a four and cross the second left string over and above the two other strings” leave you dazed. What does that even mean? The worst is when I see them being sold in stores for $10 a pop and I want to scream “THIS IS LITERALLY JUST KNOTTED STRING.”

If you haven’t guessed, DIY jewellery doesn’t come easy to me. However the really simple ones, I can master, such as this cute DIY necklace from the By Wilma blog! It’s actually something I might buy if I saw it somewhere, which is impressive in DIY terms.

Here’s the post from Pinterest:

DIY necklace from

It’s made using washers (which everyone always has laying around, including the 50 my dad is saving “in case”), nail polish and jump rings. This is also a great way to repurpose something that’s collecting dust in your jewelry box like an old chain you lost the pendant for.

The best part of this DIY is that it’s really customizable. I love crafting ideas that you can make your own by changing small details. For example you don’t have to paint the rings all the same colour; you could pair colours you like or that go well together. A great summery spin on this would be to alternate coral and teal. Likewise, you could use deep berry and plum colours for a really cute winter accessory.

And since these would cost very little to make you could experiment to see what you like and try out different patterns and colours.

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