Pinterest craft of the week: Kids’ crafts

Guest post: Natasha Singh is a recent graduate of Ryerson University‘s journalism program. She spends her free time with her amazing family and friends, playing with the best dog ever (Charlie) and blogging about beauty. She has interned at Canadian Living in both the health and web departments and has her own style blog

My brother finished school last week; I already remember why I hate him (sorry kid).  Okay, so I don’t hate my brother but I hate it when he gets antsy from having nothing to do all day. He’s not like me – he won’t sleep in until noon just because he can. This is worsened by the fact that recently, at least in Toronto, we were kindly reminded that Canada does indeed get summer weather. And when it does, apparently it’s trying to make up for six months of cold in one day. This means I have to deal with a surly, sweaty teenager and that, friends, is not my definition of fun.

So this week, I decided to do three crafts instead of one – awesome, simple summer crafts you can do with kids (or surly teenagers). It’s a great way to get them out of the house and having fun!

Sponge balls

suburban mom sponge balls


This idea, courtesy of The Suburban Mom blog, looks like a ton of fun and I’m 21 years old. They’re easily made out of regular dish sponges and string and completely reusable (say for a beach trip). What better way to get your kids away from the TV than to whack them in the face with a wet sponge and run? Check out her Pinterest here!

Water Balloon Pinatas

scrap happy heather water balloon piñata


Like the sponge balls, these water balloon piñatas from the Scrap Happy Heather blog is a great activity for your kids that will get them playing outside and keep them cool in the sun. They can help you fill up the balloons and tie them up. This also makes an awesome party game if your child’s birthday is in the summer.

Liquid Sidewalk Chalk

Domestic Charm liquid sidewalk chalk


Warning: this will be messy. Avoid white. According to the Domestic Charm blog, this craft requires only water, cornstarch and food colouring but will probably entertain your child for hours. Even my brother, on the brink of his teenage years, might pull himself away from the video games to drive our mom crazy by painting our driveway.

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