Crafter Q+A: Stephanie White

Name: Stephanie White (and Alex Svetlovsky)

Location: Ottawa, ON

Title: Blogger at Two Zero One


Twitter handle: Blog_TwoZeroOne

How did you get into crafting/DIY?
Ever since I was a child I have been artistic and spent most of my free time working on drawings or craft projects with my family. The passion for expressing my creativity never dwindled. Later I obtained my Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Education and worked as an art and crafts teacher for seven years. After buying my first home, I found Alex and myself were always on Pinterest or planning our next DIY project for my home.

Why did you decide to start your own website?
I created my blog Two Zero One, with my spouse Alex Svetlovsky, as a way to share our passion for DIY projects, which is a something we enjoy doing in our free time.

What’s your favorite part about what you do?
I enjoy the small moments of teaching and interacting with those who read my blog, in particular when people comment expressing how I helped to inspire them to be creative in their own DIY project.

What are some of your favourite craft/DIY websites?
I’m a big fan of couples who blog together such as Sherry and John from Young House Love and these fellow Ottawa DIY blogs: The Sweetest Digs and Dans le Townhouse.

What was your first craft/DIY?
The first DIY project on our blog was our dramatic black and white chevron accent wall with a painted red mirror on our main floor bathroom.

What is your favorite project?
It would have to be a tie between two projects that are next to each other in my living room; our Instagram photo frame with hundreds of photos as it makes a huge impact in my living room, or our hidden 55 inch TV project that uses a curtain and extendable wall mount to completely conceal the TV by giving the illusion we have a larger window.

What is your worst craft/DIY fail?
No huge DIY fails yet since we started our blog, but I’m sure in time there will be some to laugh about and challenge our creativity on how to fix the problem.

Overall words of wisdom?
Don’t be afraid to try a DIY project just because you don’t think you aren’t creative or handy, even if the project doesn’t turn out at first, the process of working of being creative is fun in itself.

Stephanie and Alex made an Instagram photo frame tutorial, that’s a great way to display your memories in your home.