The best closet food addiction is…

Wow! 126 responses to revealing your foodie road to perdition for a chance to win a Newman’s Own prize. I laughed so much! I can’t decide if it was just the prize, or the chance to (almost) anonymously spill the beans on closet feedings and feel better about ourselves…. 😉

I had such a hard time choosing. I read all your comments about 25 times.'s calling youuuu.....'s calling youuuu.....

But, I’m happy to announce a big congratulations out to Gina from BC, our foodie road to perdition winner who shares this topical story of greed, shame and lust over none other than: fruitcake!

Gina says:

“This is a very timely discussion. Perhaps it’s time I came out of the closet and put down the fork. 11 Months of the year I am able to put the shame behind me, but come the first of December I become twitchy, anticipating, needing, yearning for the dreaded Christmas Cake. That’s right, dark or light, fruity and dense, reeking of rum or brandy, paved under a veritable marizpan blacktop…. I crave fruitcake. Nuts and all, I have to have it. And there’s always plenty. It’s the confection always leftover on the sweets tray. It’s the gift received politely then stored (for years) in the back of hosts pantries, just waiting for me. I love it sliced thick or thin, slabs or discreet little fingers. I love it room temperature, or carved right out of the freezer. Often, I’ll skip dinner in lieu of a huge slab of fruitcake warmed up and slathered in sweet whipped cream……… sorry, had to collect myself there…. I’m OK now. Oh, hang on, it’s the door. I believe it’s another neighbour bearing fruitcake…. they live just down the road, the road to my own perdition………..”

Love it!

Happy holidays to everyone out there! While we’re on the topic, what do you shamelessly pig out on over the holidays? PSST…any feelings of guilt or tight clothing can be alleviated in the new year. Canadian Living has partnered with CBC Television to launch Live Right Now, a Canada-wide get-healthy program. I’ve joined! (starting Jan 1…lots of time for mashed potato volcanoes filled with gravy lava….).