Roundup: the last days of February

February – the month of love, flu bugs and sunny vacations. Hopefully you’ve managed to avoid the second and have had plenty of the first and last.

I’m pretty excited to see the daylight hours growing longer – a sign that spring is just around the corner. Until then, here are a few posts to help you embrace the last few days of the month.

Family Day: “There is no such thing as a picky eater” Cheryl Arkinson urges you to serve the sandwiches crust on! via Backseat Gourmet

No-knead Ideology: Michael Ruhlman’s tweets claiming no need for no-knead bread sparked all sorts of hooplah in the community this week. Nothing like a good bread controversy to spice up your February. via Michael Ruhlman

Soup’s On: A perfect companion for your freshly baked bread – kneaded or not – check out the Wednesday Chef’s simple french onion soup. via Wednesday Chef

Nutrition Labels: Beer manufacturers exempt from labeling requirements – for now. via On Beer

And the winner is… well fed, flat broke for Canadian Food Blog Peoples Choice Award. Beets and cheese and rice – get in my belly.