Take part in Food Revolution Day

This Saturday is Food Revolution Day. Spearheaded by Jamie Oliver, this day is meant to get us thinking about the daily food choices we make and emphasizes the importance of having “real” food on our tables. Here in the Canadian Living Test Kitchen, we are firm believers in the healing powers of a home-cooked meal. Spending the better part of our days concocting delicious – and healthy – recipes for our readers, this cause is right up our alley!

Many fun events will be taking place worldwide on May 19, from small gatherings to large-scale, national events including cooking classes, dinners and fund-raisers. These events are a great way to bring awareness to food-related issues, share experiences and talk about how we can take better care of our bodies. Jamie Oliver himself will be hosting a virtual dinner party and chatting with viewers about his goals for the day. To read more about the cause, visit the Food Revolution Day website. And to check out a list of events taking place in Canada, take a look at the Food Bloggers of Canada website.

Mardi Michels, the cofounder of Food Bloggers of Canada and an ambassador for Toronto’s Food Revolution Day, shared a few words of wisdom about what this day means to her:

“As an adult and an educator, I believe it’s my responsibility to teach my students about real food so that they can face the adult world armed with the knowledge of basic cooking skills and healthy choices. Change does not have to be huge – in fact, this week at school, I encouraged the boys to all make sure they had at least ONE vegetable on their plates at lunch and I am proud to say most of them rose to the challenge!”

Will you be participating in any activities for Food Revolution Day this Saturday?