Fresh Fridays: Summer Corn and Edamame Succotash

Sweet summer corn has always held a soft spot in my heart. When I was a kid, it was my favourite vegetable, hands down. Throughout most of the year, we had to satisfy our cravings with frozen or canned corn, but I always looked forward to the summertime when my mom would go searching through those big cardboard containers for fresh corn, peeling away the husks to reveal the plump, sun-coloured kernels within.

I grew up eating corn on the cob, with the cobs cut in half, steamed and finished with a bit of butter, salt and pepper. These days, I like to spice things up a bit, so I grill my corn before finishing it off with butter, lime juice, cayenne pepper and salt.

When choosing fresh sweet corn, look for ears that still have the husks attached. Pull back a portion of the husk and silk to make sure that the kernels are plump, tightly spaced and unwrinkled. As with all produce, it’s best to buy it when it’s in season, then use it as soon as you can.

If you plan on removing the kernels from the cobs (and don’t want to send them flying everywhere), try removing them in a large, shallow bowl to catch every last kernel.

I love serving this Corn and Edamame Succotash in the summertime along with grilled chicken, shrimp, seared fish or scallops. Succotash is typically made with lima beans, but I’ve substituted edamame because they’re super tasty and easier to find.

Corn and Edamame Succotash
(Makes 4 to 6 servings)

4 strips bacon*
1 clove garlic, minced
1 small onion, diced
1 red pepper, diced
2½ cups fresh corn kernels (about 3 cobs)
1 cup frozen shelled edamame, thawed
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
½ tsp each salt and pepper
¼ cup chopped fresh basil

In large skillet, cook bacon until slightly crisp. Set aside on paper towel. Cut into ¾-inch (2 cm) pieces.

Drain all but 1 tbsp bacon fat from pan. Add garlic; cook over medium heat until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add onion; cook, stirring frequently, until softened, about 3 minutes.

Add red pepper and corn; sauté over medium-high heat until corn is tender. Add edamame and cherry tomatoes; cook until warmed through, about 2 minutes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Toss in basil and bacon.

*To make a vegetarian version, omit the bacon and add 1 tbsp olive oil.

Corn and Edamame Succotash


Do you like corn?

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