Best recipes of 2012

Well into planning our recipe ideas for 2013, our food team took a few minutes to look back at all of the dishes we developed last year – and there were a lot!

Our task? Choose the best recipe that each one of us created for our 2012 Canadian Living issues. Here are the recipes that won us over!

Waughburgers (June 2012)
“My recipe for Waughburgers – which appeared in our June Father’s Day issue – is one of my favourite recipes and reminds me of home. That mixture of condiments (we call it “Waugh sauce”) is a bit unusual, but it works so well on steaks, ribs or chicken.”  – Annabelle Waugh, food director

Photography by Ryan Brook


Smoky Grilled Cheese With Ale Onions (June 2012)
“I loved developing ‘Three Cheers for Beer’ for the June issue. It had many of my favourite things: Smoky Grilled Cheese With Ale Onions, Jalapeño Green Onion Ale Cornbread, Beer-Battered Corn Dogs and Lambic Cherry Ice Cream Sundaes. My annual corn dog treat became a daily indulgence for about a week!”  – Amanda Barnier, food specialist

Photography by Ryan Brook


Five Spice–Rubbed Pork Ribs (August 2012)
“I absolutely love ribs of any kind, so I jumped at the chance to develop my very own recipe using one of my favourite flavour combinations: five spice and pork. Cooking over indirect heat on the grill keeps the ribs tender, but my favourite part is the lip-smacking savoury sauce that gets brushed on at the end.”  – Irene Fong, food specialist

Photography by Jeff Coulson/TC Media


Atlantic Shrimp Salad on Rye (June 2012)
“I fell hard for Newfoundland last year. The opportunity to travel there and then develop recipes for the Cross-Canada series was sooooo inspiring. This recipe is super easy, but so tasty. And I feel it really speaks to the freshness, changes and trends that are happening in the Newfoundland food scene. I can’t wait to go back!”  – Rheanna Kish, senior food specialist

Photography by Jeff Coulson


Pumpkin and White Chocolate Bûche de Noël (2012 Special Baking Edition)
“I loved developing this pumpkin and white chocolate yule log – the combination of both flavours feels so festive. Although I developed this during a warm summer day, it instantly felt like a wintry mist had taken over our Test Kitchen!”  – Jennifer Bartoli, food specialist

Photography by Ryan Szulc


Have you tried any of these recipes yet?