Vietnamese Iced Coffee

If you’re anything like me, no blissful, hot summer day is complete without an ice-cold coffee in hand. An instant pick-me-up that refreshes during the peak of warmth, a cold glass of coffee filled to the brim with ice has always been my go-to drink to beat the heat.

Freshly poured Vietnamese Iced Coffee


After realizing just how much I can end up spending on cold drinks at coffee specialty stores – I’m sure many of you can relate! – I’ve started making my own. One of my favourites is Vietnamese Iced Coffee. It’s simply made with sweet, silky condensed milk and strong coffee poured over oodles of ice. Most traditional Vietnamese restaurants offer the drink on their menu, both hot and cold. I always enjoy one as a complement to a plateful of lemongrass grilled beef and vermicelli noodles. Yum!

Freshly poured Vietnamese Iced Coffee


The first step is to make a good, strong coffee. I like using a single-serve metal coffee contraption for this recipe. It’s a little coffee filter that sits on top of a coffee mug. (You can look for one of these at specialty kitchen stores. I got mine in a little store in Montreal’s Chinatown.) You then pack in your ground coffee, add hot water, and the coffee will drip into your cup to make a perfectly smooth drink. It’s a great way to make just as much coffee as you need. If you can’t find one of these however, a strong pot of coffee instead will do the trick.

Single-cup serving coffee filter


For 1 serving of of Vietnamese Iced Coffee, you’ll need:

3 ounces of hot, strong coffee (4 tsp ground espresso powder if using a single-serve coffee filter)
2 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
A couple handfuls of ice cubes

In cup, combine coffee and condensed milk. Fill with ice and stir until condensed milk has dissolved.

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