5 cool food infographics

I’m a sucker for well-organized facts and figures, so infographics really make me excited. There’s something about a beautiful, logical presentation that really entertains and informs me. And if it’s built using gorgeous typography, I’m done. Hook, line, sinker.

Here are five food-themed infographics that set my brain aflame. Click on the links or the screencaps to see them in their full glory.

1. From my friends here at Canadian Living, an interactive map of foods across Canada.

Canadian Living interactive food map


2. Ever tried to cook a recipe from a cookbook made in the U.K.? This chart contains all the measures and terms you need to know.

British measures cooking conversions kitchen

3. If you’ve ever felt guilty about drinking an extra beer, fear not. This graphic will tell you why it’s OK to indulge in Canadian beer.

Canadian beer infographic chart

4. Well, maybe beer isn’t your thing. How about a nice cup of coffee? This classic from The Oatmeal may convince you.

coffee infographic chart The Oatmeal

5. On a serious note, it’s important to know how tough some people have it when it comes to putting food on the table. This graphic shows a slew of facts about household food insecurity in Canada. Food for thought.

chart infographic household food insecurity Canada

Have you seen any other great infographics lately?