Best grab and go breakfast: Blackberry Lemon Muffins

Most weekdays my breakfast consists entirely of a giant mug of coffee grabbed hastily on my way out the door. Two hours later I find myself scrounging the cupboards of the test kitchen and proceeding to eat whatever I can lay my hands on. In an effort to take better care of myself, I’ve stocked my freezer with muffins. Homemade so I know what goes in them and mini so I can eat more than one without feeling like a pig! (Note – any regular-sized muffin recipe can be adapted to mini muffins just remember to check the baking time 5 to 8 minutes before the time suggested for the larger size as they’ll bake quicker.)

These days, thanks to a sale at my local grocery store, I’ve been loving these muffins:

Blackberry Lemon Muffins

What’s your best grab and go breakfast?

image: Leon Brocard, Wikimedia Commons