5 cool wine infographics

Infographics are such an excellent way to condense a ton of information into a smart, easy-to-digest package. How about my Top Five on one of my favourite bevvies, wine?

1. Just the basics are enough. Check out Wine Folly‘s flow chart of, well, every kind of wine you could imagine. Grouped by colour, then style, then flavour profile, wines from around the globe are a lot easier to navigate with this chart. Wine Folly has a few fascinating educational infographics, all available as posters.

Types of wine inforgraphic Wine Folly


2. I like bubbles. If you’re a sparkling wine fan, here’s all the info you need to know from Infographicworld. From sweetness levels to bottle-opening techniques to the perfect serving temperature, this is the ideal tutorial to indulge in as party season commences.

sparling wine bubble infographic

3. Turning water into wine. Designed by Boris Benko, this chart teaches you about all the water—and energy—it takes to create your average bottle of vino. It also outlines how one winery in Sonoma is turning the tide on these issues.

water energy wine infographic boris benko

4. The right temp for the right wine. For everyone who’s ever thought, “Uh-oh, should I chill this?” (guilty as charged), this handy temperature chart on VizWorld covers all the major types of wine so you always get them to the table in a state that shows off their best qualities.

Wine temperature infographic

5. So what do I serve with it? If you’re looking to expand your wine and food pairing options, this diagram, also from Wine Folly, is a gem. Just follow the coloured lines from types of foods to types of wines and back again. The site also has five great tips for pairing that make life much easier.

Food wine pairing infographic Wine Folly

If you haven’t already, checked out some fascinating food infographics, too. They’re well worth the clicking and zooming.

Tell me: Are you a wine person or a beer person?