Martin Picard: The best way to make foie gras poutine

I’ve been posting about some of my favourite moments from the 2014 Cayman Cookout this week. Today’s instalment came via Chef Martin Picard during his seminar on foie gras and how to recreate his signature foie gras poutine at home.

foie gras poutine

Foie gras poutine, guys. Foie gras poutine! It does not get more deliciously indulgent than this. His brilliant tips for creating this at home were:

1) Use pre-made gravy. It’s much easier and will probably taste just as good as homemade. You’re jazzing it up with some pretty delicious additions, like cream, puréed foie gras and egg yolks, so having a little cheat won’t hurt.

2) Put the cheese curd on the bottom so the cheese melts! Brilliant!

3) Let the slices of foie rest for 1 minute after searing for the best texture. And, whatever you do, don’t overcook it or it will just taste like regular liver and lose its luscious texture.

Chef Picard also spoke about the ethical implications of using foie gras, stating that he isn’t prepared to make a statement about the use of foie gras overall, but that he knows and trusts his own suppliers to raise and feed their ducks in a humane way.

My favourite quote was about the health benefits of foie gras. He said, “Foie is like olive oil. It is an unsaturated fat. Which means that you won’t have a heart attack, but you will become fat.”

Martin Picard at Cayman Cookout 2014

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 Photography: Annabelle Waugh