How to make a fancy double orange twist garnish

It’s not often I do fancy garnishes, but every once in a while, a fruit platter calls for one. And there’s nothing that has quite the same level of flourish as a double orange twist! This obviously also works with any other citrus fruit.

Double orange twist garnish

Here’s how to pull this look together. This isn’t going to make much sense without photos, so be sure to refer to the grid below to help explain.

  • Slice one end (either blossom or stem end) off of your orange (photo 1)
  • Slice into your orange as if you’re going to cut a very thin slice, but stop about halfway through (photos 2 and 3)
  • Slice into the orange again (again, very thinly), but go all the way through (photo 4). You should have a slice of orange that has two thin pieces at the top half, but is solid on the bottom half (photo 5)
  • Make a slit in the centre of the solid half (photo 6)
  • Holding the orange on either side of the slit, twist and arrange on your platter, separating the top “petals” a bit (photos 7 and 8)

double orange twist how-to

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Photography: Annabelle Waugh