Essential Kitchen Tools – Prep Tools (Part 1)

This is part 2 in a series of the essential tools you need whether you are setting up your first kitchen or looking to downsize or de-clutter.

essential kitchen prep tools

Like kitchen utensils, prep tools help you get the job done in the kitchen. They are specialized to do a task, but essential to every kitchen.

1. Bottle Opener – Obviously essential for opening a bottle of wine or beer to drink or cook with. Find one that can do both tasks easily.

2. Instant Read Thermometer – A good, reliable thermometer will help make sure your roast turkey or beef are cooked to perfection. Also great for checking doneness of burgers, meatballs and pork tenderloin.

3. Vegetable Peeler – Not only used for peeling vegetables, use a peeler to make shaved parmesan curls or chocolate curls.

4. Can Opener – Just try getting into a can (safely) without a can opener. Canned foods are a great pantry staple, so get a can opener that is easy to use.

5. Kitchen Shears (scissors) – Great for cutting herbs, pie dough, opening packages, cutting through hard lobster and shrimp shells, cutting lengths of twine for trussing, the list goes on and on. Find a sturdy pair and keep them sharp.

6. Steel – Used for honing knives to maintain a sharp blade. Look for a long one (12-inches) so that honing your chef’s knife is easier. Let how to use it here.

7. Chef’s Knife – You can cut almost anything in the kitchen with a good quality chef’s knife. Look for one that is not too heavy or too light and with a blade between 8-12-inches long. I prefer a 10-inch blade because it fits in my hand well and is not too long, I feel I have good control over it. With chef’s knives, generally you get what you pay for so buy the highest quality knife you can afford. Using a steel, hone the blade before you use it and get it properly sharpened when the blade is dull.

8. Paring Knife – A small knife used for the smaller, intricate jobs in the kitchen. Perfect for cutting orange segments or peeling fruit.

9. Serrated Knife – Essential for cutting through foods that have a hard exterior and soft interior like crusty bread and soft fruits. Also useful for slicing loaf cakes (such as banana bread) or slicing a cake round in half.


Photography by Leah Kuhne