What the Canadian Living Test Kitchen does with leftovers

With all the food that comes out of the Test Kitchen on a daily basis, we’re often asked what we do with all of our leftovers.

Like most kitchens, we do our best to avoid wasting food by buying only what we need when we need it. I talked about our grocery shopping habits (here) and included a tip to always check your inventory before you set out in order to prevent over-buying. That’s the first step, right there.

But sometimes you can’t avoid a bit of excess. When we’re buying groceries for a photo shoot, for example, we’ll often need to source many different options to get the perfect photo-worthy ingredients for a recipe. This means that we’ll have leftover ingredients after each photo shoot. Most of the ingredients that can be saved will get used another day, but everything else is shared out between the team. After a recent shoot, we had a number of leftover buns and ended up making bread crumbs with the white buns (which went straight into the freezer for future use) and sandwiches out of the whole wheat and onion buns.

TK Leftovers

As for already-cooked food, it’s actually quite easy getting volunteers to try our food, so we’ll either invite our CL colleagues to bring their own bowls down to the Test Kitchen – a major bonus if you work with us! – or we’ll leave food in the lunch room for the rest of the office to sample or take home.

Here’s Andrew Palkovic, our art production co-ordinator, and Chris Bond, the creative lead for our digital editions, “tasting” (read: eating) a recipe in our Test Kitchen.

CLTK Tasters

Lucky Guys!