1 delicious dessert – what to make if dad’s got a sweet tooth

Both my husband and my dad have a sweet tooth. So when Father’s Day rolls around it’s not so much about what’s on the grill, rather what’s served up for dessert.

Blackberry Hazelnut Meringue

This year, I’ve got my sights set on this decadent Blackberry Hazelnut Meringue. It’s perfectly beautiful, combines an ultimate contrast of textures and will definitely appeal dad’s love of sweets. Since local strawberries are just starting to make their appearance in markets, I plan to swap the blackberries for strawberries – simply to celebrate their arrival!

The recipe calls for skinned hazelnuts, use this Test Kitchen method for getting those tricky skins off. And follow these essential steps for whipping your egg whites to peaked perfection.

For more ideas about what to bake for dad if he’s got a sweet tooth, check out this slide show of delicious strawberry desserts.

image: Joe Kim