Father’s Day favourites

My dad has never quite left the novice stage in the kitchen. Although he loves good food and appreciates it, cooking has just never really been his thing. Growing up, back home in France, my mom and I did most of the cooking, my dad happily making his way to the table when his nose showed him the way. While my mom has never loved to cook, she does have a few stellar recipes in her arsenal that she makes to absolute perfection. My dad, on the other hand,considers reheating food an accomplishment of sorts, but we still love him all the same.

In honour of Father’s Day, I’m sharing a few recipes (with an admittedly French bias!) that are my dad’s absolute favourite. First of all is a classic choucroute garnie — a labour of love and real comfort food dish made with sauerkraut, sausages, thick bacon and potatoes.

Next up is an assortment of cured meats and cheese. Give my dad some good Roquefort, a mix of cured meats and a fresh baguette and you’re guaranteed to make his day.

Cured meat

A generous serving of potato gratin is one of the dishes my entire family associates with Sunday Night Dinner. My mom religiously made it as a special weekend treat for us to enjoy, and we’d never say no to a second helping.

potato gratin

Lastly, crème brûlée is a dessert I’ve seen my dad order at restaurants time and time again. That magical moment when your spoon taps and breaks the sugar-crusted top is pure culinary gold and a sweet indulgence my dad is very partial to.

creme brulee

I unfortunately can’t be with him in Paris on Sunday, but I’m virtually raising my glass (or a beer mug, in my dad’s case!) to these dishes I know he loves. I love you dad.

 Photography (from top to bottom) by Ryan Szulc/TC Media, Jeff Coulson/TC Media and Jim Norton.