How to make the best grilled chicken breasts ever

I love grilled chicken breasts, but as you probably know, they can quickly dry out. By the time the thicker end is cooked, you’re left with a dried up tip on the other end…yuck!

One way to avoid this is to make the chicken the same thickness so that it cooks at the same time.

raw chicken breasts

Place chicken breasts between sheets of waxed paper and using the flat side of a meat mallet (or a rolling pin in a pinch) pound the chicken until it is the same thickness all over (see chicken on right in picture).

It only takes a minute to pound the chicken and saves a few minutes of grilling (bonus – you can take out the day’s aggression at the same time!) Simply season, grill and serve! The chicken will be cooked perfectly and still be super juicy and moist – the way chicken should be!

raw chicken breasts

Tip: Flattening chicken is also a great way to save a little money. Flattened chicken makes the slices seem bigger and you can serve less to each person. I find I can get away with only 3 chicken breasts, flattened and sliced for 4 people.


Photography by Leah Kuhne