An appetite for spring and a chance to WIN!

I am crazy hungry these days.

I don’t know what’s causing it. All day long, I just want to cram fistfuls of banana bread into my mouth.

Obviously, this does not bode well for my healthful diet.

Have you ever gone through phases where you were super-hungry? (Besides when you were pregnant. I’m not pregnant. Mom? Are you reading this? I’m not pregnant.)

Maybe the hunger has something to do with the onset of spring. I am like a big hungry bear emerging from hibernation. A big hungry bear on the hunt for banana bread . . .

Anyway, we have a book to give away: The Skinny on Losing Weight Without Being Hungry: The ultimate guide to weight-loss success, by Louis J. Aronne, M.D.

For a chance to WIN, just Subscribe to this Blog and leave a reply telling us about a weird food craving you’ve had — while pregnant or not.

You have until Wednesday, April 15 to let us know. I’ll announce the winner here on Thursday, April 16.