18 days until Bikini Boot Camp – and Huguette wins!

A big congratulations to Huguette, who is one of the most active members of the Health & Wellness Club (and by “most active”, I mean she posts a lot of great replies on the blog. I can’t vouch for her workout routine, although I’m confident she’s active in that respect as well . . .)

Anyway, Huguette has won our March 27 contest by telling us about a weird food craving she’s had.

Hugette says:
“I crave olives, I guess it’s because I am trying to cut down on salty foods and olives are very salty?? Go figure!!!”

Amen to that! I get the olive craving a lot, too. They’re a tasty treat, indeed.

Hugette wins a copy of The Skinny on Losing Weight Without Being Hungry: The ultimate guide to weight-loss success, by Louis J. Aronne, M.D.

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