Ice cream cone winners

I would like to congratulate the eight winners of my Summer’s Here Contest. And what better way to celebrate its arrival than with a scoop of delicious Baskin Robins ice cream?

Here is what the winners say is their most favourite thing about summer:

Summer is a wonderful time to work out in the vegetable gardens, and reap the rewards all summer long.

My favourite thing about summer is long walks on the beach, BBQs, sun and cold ice cream.

G sussman:
I love the renewed energy i feel from the sun and warmth.

Sandra p:
Being able to open the windows and get fresh air, and fragrant whiffs of summer blooms.

Philip P:
My favourite thing about summer is swimming!

What isn’t there to love about summer? Longer days filled with sunshine and flowers. The aroma of bbq throughout the neighbourhood. Everyone comes out of their winter hibernation and congregate on porches and in yards. Everything comes back to life.

Going to the beach for the day.

Fresh berries and local produce!  Love the little road side stands while heading up north to the cottage!  Good things do grow in Ontario.

Congrats to everyone. Enjoy your ice cream.